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Abracad distribution system increases capacity at VEZET

Sint Oedenrode - Abracad Technoworks BV supplied the fourteenth transfer / distribution system to fruit and vegetable processor VEZET in Warmenhuizen. This pertains to the Abracad Sticky 2x2 type, intended for the assembly section for ready-to-eat salads. The fruit and vegetable processing company’s capacity increased markedly because of this.

VEZET has already had good experiences with the distribution systems of Abracad since 2007. The machines have a robust structure and are able to perform work constantly. Down-time during the production process is past tense. The transfer / distribution systems of Abracad have already proven their reliability in this field amply.

Flexibility in design is another strong point associated with Abracad machines. The systems are all interchangeable on a one-on-one basis. VEZET can therefore produce more types of ready-to-eat salads and meals in the same amount of time. Four of the transfer / distribution systems were recently supplied. The systems are configured 2x2 and achieve a maximum filling speed of 80 containers per minute.

Abracad investing in new hardware and software

Abracad has upgraded all its hardware and software applications and Abracad Technoworks BV engineers have successfully participated in the inventor 2014 course run by the Autodesk Authorized Training centre. Thanks to the Autodesk Product Design Suite, we now have a combination of design, visualisation and simulation software, including Autodesk Showcase. Showcase allows Abracad engineers to easily create realistic images, films and impressive presentations from your digital prototypes and designs. And we now also have the experience to carefully handle Next-Dim Software.

Abracad engineers keep uptodate

Abracad Technoworks BV's engineers have successfully completed the course on the hygienic design of open transport systems. During this course they learned about the laws and regulations on hygienic design, food microbiology, hygienic design principles, cleaning and disinfection. This course is based on the EHEDG guidelines.


Abracad participates in the following exhibitions:

The Upakovka, Moscow, expo centre, 28-31 jan. 2014

  The Fruit en logistica in Berlin, 5-7 feb, 2014

  The United Fresh in Chicago, 10-13 jun 2014

  The Rosupack, Moscow, crocus expo, 17 -20 jun 2014


  The Upakovka, Kiev, expo centre, 9-12 sep 2014

  The Agropodmash, Moscow , expo centre, 6-10 oct 2014

Abracad in the media

In the newspaper, at the top of the business section in June
2013’s edition, Abracad was in the spotlight.

Packaging machine builder operates in an
international niche

If there was a prize for tenacity, Egbert Nillesen would
certainly stand a chance. As General Manager
of machine
assembler Abracad Technoworks
in Nijnsel, he made an
unequivocal choice and is sticking to the path that he chose,
assisted, to an increasing extent, by the platform.

Egbert Nillesen’s enthusiasm is contagious. The story of
‘his’company, Abracad Technoworks, is a lovely story. In
2006 after many commercial