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The Netherlands is still the global leader in the food industry in terms of knowledge, science and technology. We want to hold that top position, and to do so we have to invest in the next generation of young leaders: i.e. in their education. Hence our partnership with the Food & Fresh Lab in Helmond and the Groene Campus in Zuid-Oost Brabant. An ideal basis for the education and the business community to forge a meaningful collaboration.

Food & Fresh Lab Helmond is a small food company in which the work is carried out by students. The operation of this real factory provides a means for improving (technical) vocational education. The concept is based on learning to work in a real factory environment, which of course is not operating at full capacity; otherwise the learning effect would be lost. The machines are supplied by companies in the region, including Abracad. Up and coming talent can also visit St. Oedenrode directly to learn the craft: Abracad is a Certified Training Company.

Abracad: ‘takes packaging to a higher level’